WOED supports 250 Miles for KiKa

WOED likes to return something to nature with the action Trees for All, But in addition, WOED also supports other actions and charities. For example, WOED has last supported the '250 Miles for KiKa' action. Most of us know KiKa as the childhood cancer fund, the purpose of KiKa is to increase the chance of cure of children with cancer to 95%.

250 Miles for KiKa

250 Miles for KiKa so is the action that WOED has supported. On 12 August, Peter Kuijlaars and Remco Wevers tried to cycle through 24 hours 250 miles (100km) by West Brabant and South Holland. And she has succeeded! Peter and Remco finished the tour on the cycling round in Etten-Leur. On this course, more attention was also paid to the KiKa foundation and an interview with the only real wheel announcer in the Netherlands: Kees Maas!

250 miles for kika

The men have picked up almost 4000, - Euro which is far beyond their target amount of 2500, - Euro, a whole achievement! In addition, the men also released a self-designed cycling shirt signed by a prominent rider who will be present at the cycling round in Etten-Leur. This is offered on an auction and the proceeds of this will be donated to KiKa. For more information on this action please check it Download.

WOED and KiKa

WOED is very proud of this action of the two men and how far they are willing to go (250 miles to be exact) to raise funds for KiKa. We hope that this type of action inspires more people to collect money for charities. As long as people want a cork hat or nice wooden glasses and watches, WOED will always support remarkable actions for special people and organizations. Are you interested in a Custom order Or just general questions, do not hesitate and take contact Join us!

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