Each product sold contributes to the planting of a tree by Trees for All

You have purchased a product made of natural materials. We think it's important to return something to nature again. For every 20 product sold there is a tree planted in the Netherlands and one in the Philippines. The trees are planted through the Trees for All foundation, creating new forests.

Trees are important

Every year, 10 billion trees are cut more than planted and the lungs of the earth disappear a little bit. Trees for All wants to reverse that process. Forests are not only important for oxygen production, they provide wood for, for example, our watches, caps, sunglasses and other products. They provide food and medicine and provide protection and a place for people, animals and plants. Trees purify the air, they take up the CO2 greenhouse gas and give oxygen back here. Forests regulate the climate, are essential for the water cycle and withstand erosion and dehydration.

1-2-Tree, a tree in the Netherlands, a tree in the Philippines.

Every sold product of Woed contributes to a newly planted tree in the Netherlands, which is managed sustainably over 50. The Dutch forest is very suitable for recreation. The plant locations are announced annually at the start of the planting season (Nov.-March). A tree is also awarded in the Philippines. This tree is planted on the flanks of the inactive volcano Mount Malindang, in a protected nature reserve. In cooperation with the local population, the forest is managed sustainably.

Trees for All

Trees for All is a foundation in the field of CO2 compensation and non-profit. The mission of Trees for All focuses on human, environmental and added value, as seen in the logo of Trees for All. They have the CBF approval mark and they are a charity approved by the Tax Office (ANBI). The CBF approval mark means that Trees for All meets a set of strict criteria regarding, among other things, the distribution of donation money towards its projects. The money comes right where it belongs!

For more information: Www.treesforall.nl